Project Management

Growing number of projects in companies in recent days increase demand for experienced Project Managers and Program Directors. On other hand rationalization of spending force companies to reduce number of permanent professional staff. Piotr Malec provides Project and Program Management Services without need to increase your FTE. As independent Project Manager I can fulfill your company temporary need for experienced manager, able to lead your important project, when you need it and then leave part of my knowledge in the company.


Today companies face numerous challenges, especially with the fast pace of the global economy. As Piotr Malec customer, companies can tap into a variety of expert services ranging from tactical support to strategic. Piotr Malec has a proven track record for leading a strategic transformation program, conducting detailed opportunity assessments or fully managing projects. Piotr Malec combines deep experience with technical knowledge and high levels of customer service to help companies meet their goals. The end result is maximizing every dollar that your company spends on services.


Piotr Malec provides multiple training and workshops for the companies. They are tailored to the special requirements. All training are provided in Polish.